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Enter the elite world of Forex trading with Come Learn Forex, the first accredited provider with exclusive trading floors globally. Access our proprietary strategies and research, crafted for those who seek unparalleled financial dominance.

In-house Developed Strategies.

All our strategies and concepts are meticulously developed in-house by professional traders, providing us with an unparalleled edge against any other retail trader in the market.

Live Forex trainings.

We conduct live Forex training sessions on our trading floors to guarantee the delivery of content to the highest standard, while also ensuring that all questions are addressed and support is provided at an exceptional level.

Free Lifetime Trading Support

Unlock continuous, free support for your trading journey with our mentorship program. Learn from senior traders through a four-month guided experience, ensuring your long-term success with lifetime access to expert insights and advice.

We’ll sketch your concepts.

Sketching is the cheapest way to test your ideas, our designers will help you to sketch out the whole flowmap and early test before spending any more investment!

We’ll brainstorm your concepts.

We help transform organizations by using technology to empower people and activate change. Learn how we can help you increase software adoption and more!

We’ll develop your mobile app

Sketching is the cheapest way to test your ideas, our designers will help you to sketch out the whole flowmap and early test before spending any more investment!

We’ll develop your mobile app

We help transform organizations by using technology to empower people and activate change. Learn how we can help you increase software adoption and more!

Online Traders Portal

Dive into our Traders Portal, an online resource center offering pre-recorded videos and exams to boost your trading knowledge. Perfect for enhancing your mentorship experience, this portal provides the tools to fast-track your journey to trading mastery.

Trading Floors Around The World.

Our global presence includes trading floors located in the financial districts of major cities around the world, and we are continuously expanding. This strategic placement allows our students to experience firsthand what trading feels like in iconic financial hubs like Wall Street.

Accredited Learning Curriculum.

Our training content undergoes rigorous examination and accreditation by the CPD governing body, ensuring that all of our curriculum meets the highest standards of learning excellence.

Education We Offer.

Our education programs provide comprehensive, cutting-edge training designed to equip traders of all levels with the skills and insights necessary for successful trading in today's dynamic markets.

Our Trading Floors.

London Trading Floor 1

Experience unparalleled trading sophistication on our iconic London trading floor, offering a bespoke trading journey for new traders in the heart of financial excellence.

London Trading Floor 2

Discover unmatched trading excellence on our new London trading floor, meticulously designed to offer an unparalleled experience for seasoned traders seeking the pinnacle of market engagement.

Wall Street Trading Floor

Nestled in the iconic Trump Tower on Wall Street, our state-of-the-art trading floor welcomes both novice and veteran traders to immerse themselves in the pulse of the world's foremost financial hub.

Dubai Trading Floor

Set against the backdrop of Dubai's iconic skyline, our forthcoming trading floor in the Business Bays Opus Dubai building— a visionary creation by the renowned architect Zaha Hadid—offers a visually stunning environment for both new and seasoned traders to engage with the markets amidst architectural excellence.

Kuala Lumpur Trading Floor

Located in the heart of Malaysia's financial district within the newly developed TRX building, our upcoming trading floor is crafted for both novice and seasoned traders to experience the burgeoning financial boom of the Asian markets. With a panoramic view of a luxurious golf course and Kuala Lumpur's landmark attractions, this space promises an unmatched trading environment.


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Exceeding your expectations in terms of trading education but not only that.

Our team is a global force to be reckoned with. We've hand-picked the best data engineers, traders and support teams from all around rthe world. With a diverse range of backgrounds and styles, we've got the perfect fit to train any student.

Exceptional Class, strategy, and community for trading forex. Shoaib and team teach a strategy that no one else in the industry uses and it's been an absolute game-changer for my trading.

Joseph McDermott

Overall great company and great people. Taught great strategies that when worked on and practiced are very reliable and accurate. Good customer service, and trading reviews are done well with all my worries and doubts gone after thereview.

Farhaan Hatimi

CLF is an incredible learning platform. I've joined CLF in December 2023, and now I've passed 2 of my 200k funded accounts and got a payout of £4580. Shoaib's strategy is amazing, they claim you can't get 5 losses in a row but I believe you can't get even 3 losses in a row.

Muhammad Sabir

CLF is unmatched. Knowledge provided by Shoaib is amazing and you won't find it anywhere else. The senior traders helps a lot. Weekly webinars as well as monthly journal review helps to get us better. Very small stop losses with high RR and targets, you won't find it anywhere else not with SMC, or ICT. I have been through there. CLF is the best.

Sayyam Gupta

I would advise CLF to anyone wanting to get into FX beginner or advance. Be prepared to work hard but Shoaib breaks everything down to simplistic elements making it comfortable for everyone.

Julian Ng

Completed the course in April 2020 paid £2k at the time, then practiced seriously on demo, testing and applying everything I've learnt.

After 2 months moved on to a live account and can see profits. With consistency and good risk management this is definitely a worthy investment.

Noor Alam

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