Advanced Forex Mentorship.

Four-month mentorship programme held at our London, Dubai or Wall Street trading floor.

Our Clients

We've had the privilege of educating individuals from these esteemed organizations and many others.

Embrace Analog Strategies Over Digital Chaos.

Why bother fighting against fast and smart digital algorithms in forex trading when you can use a simpler, more effective analogue approach? By following the strategies of major banks and institutions, carried out by human traders on trading desks, you'll have a better chance of success. Analogue trading is easier to grasp and puts you on par with the big players in the financial markets.

Day Trading Approach

Our day trading strategy allows us to quickly enter and exit trades within the same day, taking advantage of new opportunities every day. It only needs up to 2 hours of trading daily, making it an efficient way to capitalize on short-term market movements.

Developed in Synthetic Markets

We have applied synthetic market strategies to test our trading concepts rigorously. These simulations, mirroring real Forex conditions, allow us to validate our concept's effectiveness across various market scenarios, including periods of high volatility and rare events, ensuring their reliability before implementation in actual trading environments.

Trade Accuracy

Our strategies focus on accuracy-based trade entries and exits, supported by dual-layered, long-term confirmations for institutional orders.

No-negotiation Stratergies

Strategy's rules and decisions are executed strictly, without any room for deviation or subjective interpretation.

What Does the Mentorship Timeline Look Like?

Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Training Session 1 to 4
Live Training Sessions

In our live training sessions, we'll delve into both intermediate and advanced topics and strategies, ensuring that by the conclusion, everyone is on the same level of understanding and capability.

Trading Data Review 1
One-to-One Data Review 1

Your first data session, led by our in-house engineer, will review upto 20-day trading data to identify strong and weak trades. These one-hour, one-on-one meetings allow you to discuss any trading or training questions.

Trading Data Review 2
One-to-One Data Review 2

In the second one-hour data review, you'll refine your trading insights, improving strategy understanding and data accuracy. The focus will shift towards trade risk, preparing you for the third review.

Trading Data Review 3
One-to-one Data Review 3

In the third review, you'll develop a strong trading plan, evolving into a skilled trader. This marks your progress to level 1 in our traders' group, applying strategies and concepts with your refined data.

Accuracy. Consistency. Performance.

Our Forex Training Program is distinguished by its immersive and thorough approach, designed exclusively for a discerning clientele. Unlike conventional courses offering only rudimentary knowledge readily available online, we provide unparalleled access to proprietary methods and analytical techniques, curated through years of market leadership. This elite curriculum is crafted to ensure your mastery of Forex trading, equipping you with insights and strategies not found elsewhere.

Learning Breakdown

Our elite four-month mentorship combines pre-recorded lessons and live trading floor sessions, designed to refine your Forex trading skills. This comprehensive approach ensures you gain both foundational knowledge and practical experience, setting the stage for unmatched success in the Forex market.

Pre-Session 1

Pre-session 1 introduces you to the basics of Forex trading, covering what Forex is, how to choose trades, the best times to trade, basic candlestick patterns, and how to set up your trading software. This ensures you have a solid foundation before progressing to the first live session.

Session 1

During the first in-class session, you'll learn about market participants and how to analyze the market for the long term using our unique method. This includes tracking bank activities and their impact on market movements, and understanding institutional strategies in detail. We'll also introduce basic price analysis and calculations, and provide a detailed trading plan for long-term success. This session is designed to give you the strategies and insights needed for effective trading.

Pre-Session 2

In Pre-session 2, you'll dive into understanding price action, identifying trends with indicators, and learning the basics of other trading tools. We'll also cover important candlestick patterns and how to use them effectively. This session is aimed at equipping you with key skills for smarter trading decisions.

Session 2

In session two, we'll explore the markets' long-term movements using our exclusive trading strategies, supported by industry-standard verification to confirm investor projections. We'll also examine how economic data influences market trends to establish a long-term trading direction. Following this, we'll introduce a unique, in-house developed mid-term trading concept. This approach will enable you to accurately position yourself in line with market trends, minimizing your market exposure.

Pre-Session 3

In Pre-session 3, we'll equip you with the essential tools needed for Session 3, focusing on the fundamentals of risk management. You'll be introduced to industry-standard tools and beyond, ensuring you're thoroughly prepared to engage with advanced risk mitigation techniques. This session is meticulously designed to set the groundwork for sophisticated trading strategies.

Session 3

In the third session, we will delve into the core aspects of currency pairs, emphasizing precision in exit strategies, meticulous planning, and market analysis through our exclusive intraday lens. We will guide you on integrating the concepts recently mastered, from mid to short-term analysis, to form a cohesive trading strategy. Additionally, we'll introduce you to the fundamental techniques of sniper trading. Furthermore, we will unveil an array of sophisticated tools designed to enhance your ability to consistently execute precise entries and exits within the span of a single trading day, ensuring a high level of mastery in day trading.

Session 4

In our final and fourth in-class session, we will integrate all the elements previously explored, with a special emphasis on short-term intraday trading. This session will deep-dive into our exclusive, in-house developed trading strategies, focusing on achieving precision in analysis, entries, and exits by synthesizing multiple strategies for a comprehensive approach. We will also refine techniques for entering and exiting trades and explore advanced concepts in risk, portfolio, and position management. Additionally, we'll outline the path forward, preparing you for the journey ahead in the trading world with strategic foresight and readiness.

Post-Session 4

In the concluding segment of our training, post-session 4, we will concentrate on the cornerstone of trading progression: journaling and data review. Additionally, we will provide in-depth training on utilizing MT4 and effectively employing the CLF system, which will be available for installation upon course completion. This comprehensive approach ensures you are equipped with the necessary tools for consistent profitability in the currency markets, emphasizing precision in both entries and exits.

What You Get With The Mentorship.

Here are the features and products you will receive with the four-month mentorship.

Trading Floor Experience

Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of finance with our Trading Floor Experience, where real-time market data and cutting-edge technology converge to empower your investment decisions.

Funded Capital*

Secure funding exceeding £10,000+ from Tetra Capital, enabling you to commence trading.

Data Engineer

Receive insights from our Data Scientist to uncover your unique advantage in trading.

Life Time Support

Benefit from ongoing support from our traders for the duration of your journey with Come Learn Forex.

£1 Million Trading Plan

We'll provide you with a strategic plan to reach £1 million in earnings as a Forex trader within three years.

CPD Certificate

Earn CPD accreditation and certification upon completing your training with us.

Weekly Webinars

Gain access to weekly trading webinars, led by experienced traders, to stay updated with the latest information.

Refresher Sessions

Receive up-to-date trading strategies when markets are adapting to global changes.

Traders Community

Connect with affluent and seasoned traders to gain insights from their trading experiences.

CPD Accredited Training Certificate

Your CPD accreditation certificate is crucial for Forex trainings as it validates the quality and relevance of the course, ensuring participants receive recognized and valuable professional development that meets industry standards.

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