Essentials Workshop

Designed with simplicity and elegance, this workshop is your gateway to mastering the essentials of trading. Delve into the currency market with intuitive strategies and foundational knowledge, crafted for success.

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Inside Our Forex Essentials Workshop

Our Essentials Workshop is broken into 5 sessions. Two live trainings and three pre-recorded sessions. You can see what's inside each one below. Perfect for beginners.

Session 1

Session one, a pre-recorded segment, guides you through using trading platforms and setting up accounts to kickstart your journey. It also introduces basic trading terminology, ensuring a solid foundation for understanding future class content.
Session 2

Session two, available as a live event both online and in-person, we delve into key aspects of trading, including sessions, currency pairs, and trading styles. We'll then introduce you to technical analysis, laying the groundwork with our proprietary strategies and concepts. Armed with this knowledge, you'll learn to execute simple trades in the market.
Session 3
Session three, a pre-recorded segment, revisits key insights from session two, focusing on executing trades on trading platforms. This session dives deeper into the techniques of backtesting and forward testing trades. Alongside these practical skills, you'll learn about implementing stringent risk management strategies to enhance your market edge.
Session 4
Session four unfolds as a live workshop, available both online and in-person, where we delve into our proprietary technical analysis strategies. With a firm grasp of these techniques, you embark on the crucial phase of gathering and assessing trading data to carve out your competitive advantage. This session also introduces strategies for capital preservation to minimize risk. Having established a strong foundation, the focus shifts towards the trader's mindset, covering essential psychological aspects from managing trading stress to overcoming biases, equipping you with the tools for mental resilience in trading.
Session 5

Session five is delivered through pre-recorded content, wrapping up the vital components necessary for workshop completion. It kicks off with a compulsory exam, the successful completion of which earns you CPD certification. Subsequent modules guide you through an enhanced exploration of trading platforms, introducing advanced functionalities such as trailing stops. Video examples provide insight into actual trade executions and management. Having honed the basics of forex trading, the session transitions to guide you towards advanced mentorship programs, focusing on accuracy in trading, advanced entry/exit techniques, and more, preparing you for the next level of your trading journey.
After This Workshop You Can Higher Your Level of Expertise
Upon workshop completion, you'll be awarded a CPD-accredited certificate and gain a complimentary Advanced Taster Session valued at $440 to advance your trading expertise.

Gain the Unrivaled Advantage with Our Workshop's Unique Features.

Unlock unparalleled industry advantages with our workshop's exclusive features, designed to elevate your expertise to new heights.

Premier Trading Floor Experience

Attend our workshop in the heart of the financial world, with sessions held on prestigious trading floors in London and Wall Street, providing an immersive, real-life trading floor experience.

CPD Accredited Content

Benefit from high-quality, in-house developed course materials, accredited by CPD Accreditation. This ensures the information you receive is not only up-to-date but also exceeds industry standards.

Real-World Trading Floor Simulation

Experience trading in a dynamic environment with sessions conducted on actual trading floors. This unique feature offers a practical insight into the world of trading, preparing you for real-market conditions.

Beginner-Friendly Curriculum

Engage in 16 simplified modules, expertly designed to deliver clear and concise insights into the forex markets, making complex concepts accessible to beginners.

Exclusive Online Trader Portal Access

Supplement your learning with our online trader portal, featuring valuable training notes and a selection of pre-recorded videos to reinforce your understanding at your own pace.

Personalized Mentor Support

Receive guidance and support from experienced mentors during the workshop. These industry professionals are there to answer questions, provide insights, and help clarify complex concepts in real-time.

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Essentials Workshop

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